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Editors' Notes


Black Life by Dorothea Lasky
Presented by Leigh Stein
Crash Dome by Alex Phillips
Presented by Sasha Fletcher
We Are Never As Beautiful As We Are Now by Adam Gallari
Presented by Sean Rosenberg
Unclean Jobs For Women and Girls by Alissa Nutting
Presented by Molly Gaudry
OK, Goodnight by Zachary Schomburg & Emily Kendal Frey
Presented by Luke Bloomfield
The Haunted House by Marisa Crawford
Presented by Lily Ladewig
New Pony Anthology by Horse Less Press
Presented by Erin McNellis
Ghost Machine by Ben Mirov
Presented by Mike Young


Running the Drain     Brian Allen Carr
Mysterious Mustard Kings
Eugene Thomas
Our Happily Ever After Begins Now
John Dermot Woods
A Staging     Michael Trocchia
Free Time     Gabe Durham
Walletsize Photos of Dead Paraplegic People Make You Tear Up and Lose Precious Vitamin C
Zack Sternwalker
Found          Andrea Kneeland
Claustrophobia     Charles du Preez


If People Are Scared of Me, They Should Be      Ted Powers
Three Poems    Todd Colby
Two Prose Poems     Emily Siegenthaler
Three [specimen]     Mark Cunningham
Four Poems     Sampson Starkweather
Detachable Sainthood       Carol Guess
We Are Hearing the Loudest Animal Be Its Loudest     Emily Pettit
What Did You Expect to Find?
Trina Burke
A Kiss on the Purplish Light     Ben Mirov
I Heard     Jordan Stempleman
Skirt Steak, We Said     Nathan Logan


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"Bohumil Stepan, illus. for Gulliverovy Cesty (Gulliver’s Travels), Prague 1968"
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Issue [12] 2010

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