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Revolution of the Word: Belles Lettres In the Age of the E-Book
M. Thomas Gammarino


The Greying Ghost  
Presented by Ryan Call

News of the Haircut by Peter Berghoef

The Tornado Is Not a
Surrealist by Brian Foley

I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands by Shane Jones 

Skirmish by Dobby Gibson   
Presented by Mike Young
The Unicorns by Carrie Hunter   
Presented by Mike Young
Hit Wave by Jon Leon   
Presented by Mike Young


Come Away With Me    Bonnie ZoBell
Emerging Like Nymphs    Beth Thomas
At the End of This Story Three Months Will Pass   Crispin Best
One Below    Kim Chinquee
Sadie   Jen Gann
You Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You, But Me and Theodore Built a Time Machine    Mary Hamilton
Treasure Island     Karen Gentry
The Breakfast     Rebecah Pulsifer
Brother, There Is a Field    Matt Bell


My Brother In This and the Preceding
Ari Feld
Poem Up on Blocks    Clay Matthews
Eggs Benedict     Bradley Sands
Just Between Us   Loren Goodman
To My Possible Babies    Bryan Coffelt
The Last Medicine    Peter Schwartz
Your Lily Smells Fantastic In Old Fake Flower Land      Paul Siegell
Postmodern Martial Arts      Rich Murphy
The Spittle Bug      Ron Padgett
Eclipse the Light and Crudely Divide
Amy King
Candy Fountain      Jason Bredle
Junichiro Koizumi Doesn't Care About White People      Phil Estes


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Issue [ten] 2009
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