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Flames of Our Fathers    Norman Ball
Not Another Number   Yasmine Moor
Palestinian Suffering: Putting The Blame Where It Belongs   Caitlyn Martin
God is Great   Jefff Gibbs
The Soliloquy   Carl Moloch
Games & Graphics
 Dr. Pete Sarbone and Shannon Wheeler


This Boy I Loved a Rock    Mary Miller
Home Says    Karen Ashburner
Plodding Headlong Against   Matt Maxwell
Colic    Chris Sheehan
The Angel Project   Victoria Sprow
Entropy & Atrophy    Robert Lopez


White Lake: Not Drawn to Scale
Elliot  Harmon
List Prayer    Blake  Butler
Venison in the Wilderness   Adrian Kien
The Flying Italian   Alveraz Ricardez
Trailer Park Photos Part III: Fragments of a Place Called Whispering Lanes
 David Ensminger
from Farm Suite        Jack Boettcher


Urban Exposure     James Wakefield


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Issue [seven] 2007
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