Editors' Notes


Tricky Dicks    Erika Mikkalo


Young Revolutionaries by Ellen Kennedy, Catherine Lacey, Chelsea Martin   
Presented by Gabe Durham
Open Night by Aaron Lowinger  
Presented by Mike Young
Yum Yum I Cant Wait to Die by Sam Pink 
Presented by Bradley Sands
Abraham Lincoln #3 eds. K. Silem Mohammad & Anne Boyer   
 Presented by Bryan Coffelt


Dream House    Rachel B. Glaser
Where I Am Right Now   Patricia Parkinson
Batman and Robin   Kyle Hemmings
Us, People    Jimmy Chen
Render Safe: A Lullaby   Grace Jamison
Rachel Mia's Existence    Nick Antosca


A Little About Us      Michael Jauchen
Sprawl    Tanya Chernov
My Life    Jack Christian
The Import   Brooklyn Copeland
Addiction    Deborah Blakely
From a Floor In Cambridge, Mass
Peter Jay Shippy
I Am a Lion Birthing a Kitten
 Evelyn Hampton
Two They Poems      Christopher Cheney
Three Flashers       Adam Peterson
Flushing & Oranges      Jono Tosch


Michael DeForge


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Issue [nine] 2008
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