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Notes From an Underground    Stephan Clark
Two Hard Workers   Noah Cicero
André and Sonja, As Friends   J.P. Gritton
The Canadians    Gabe Durham
from Today & Tomorrow   Ofelia Hunt
No Daughters Like This One    J.M. Patrick
Babyfat   Claudia Smith
It Was Only Two Months    Carrie Spell
The First Noel    Bobby Farouk


Starling      Andrew Michael Roberts
Family Reunion    Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney
Universalism   Leigh Stein
Smoking Crack With My Mother
 Daniel J. Bailey
Maddy's Bakelite Wristband
Jasmine Dreame Wagner
Fictions      Samuel Wharton
Poem For the Long Fourth of July Weekend      Patrick Duggan
The Ghost of Wells      Alex Burford
Love Is     K. Silem Mohammad


from Spurious One-Man Lobotomy with Clipped Inquisition
Sean Kilpatrick & Daniel St. George 2nd
Thirteen Stares     Benjamin Buchholz


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Issue [eight] 2008
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