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Why We Never Talk About Sugar by Aubrey Hirsch
Presented by Laura Relyea
TINA by Peter Davis
Presented by Laura Relyea
Madame X by Darcie Dennigan
Presented by Tyler Gobble
TwERK by LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs
Presented by Ben Kopel
Tracings #1: The History of Luminous Motion & One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses
Presented by Ben Segal
Thank You For the Window Office
by Maged Zaher

Presented by Luke Bloomfield
The Last Days of California by Mary Miller
Presented by Austin Hayden
Month of Big Hands by Andrew Morgan
Presented by Erin McNellis
A Mountain City of Toad Splendor
by Megan McShea

Presented by Blake Bergeron
Rise in the Fall by Ana Boičević
Presented by Leigh Stein
NOÖbie Alumni Spotlights
Presented by Austin Hayden & Blake Bergeron


Joseph Young
Get Us Here
Joseph Young


Wait Anywhere
Anne Marie Wirth Cauchon
Chelsea Martin
What You Left Behind
Karen Uhlmann
Her Body
Delaney Nolan
Knife Finder
Matt Rowan
Silent Animals
Gregory Howard
Glenn Shaheen
The Doubts of the Confederate Army
Katie Lattari
After the Little League Game Where I Was Hit in the Ribs by a Pitch
Eric Morris
I Quit Football After Two Weeks Because My Head Didn’t Fit the Helmet
Eric Morris


Invertebrates w/ profile
Erin Case
Erin Case
Honey Glove
Erin Case
The Shepherd
Erin Case


A Few Things I Can’t Be Proud Of
Joshua Daniel Edwin
The Heroine Goes Bat-Shit, but Only for a Little While
Anne Barngrover & Avni Vyas
I Hit Myself in the Face With a Shovel
Jen Stockdale
Four “+” poems
Dan Kaplan
Two Pine Trees
Brooke Ellsworth
David Bartone
Candice Wuehle
Carrie Murphy
The Stranger
Amish Trivedi
My Phone is Tapped
Alan Ramón Clinton
from Leave Your Body Behind
Sandra Doller
Sherry Huang
International Friendship Exhibition
Lesley Ann Wheeler
In Each Dream Defeat
Rebecca Givens Rolland
Burning the Candle at Both Ends
Stephen Danos
The Way I Feel
Lesley Yalen
Family Portraits
A.T. Grant
Call-and-Response, Month Seven
Brandon Lewis
Douglas Korb
Poem on Seeing You Again
Seth Landman
No Time For Fake Ones
Mark Cugini


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Issue [15] 2014
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