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        News -- April 18, 2014

So what if it a last scowl of snow confuses your dogtooth pansies! Spring is maybe sort of finally in an inevitable-environmental-doom sort of way finally here, and with it comes a brand new color-themed NOÖ Weekly guest-edited by Carrie Lorig!

She assigned seven of her favorite writers a color and out they came. Jared Harvey is Red. Donald Dunbar is Orange. Elisabeth Workman is Yellow. Edward Mullany is Green. Claire Donato is Blue. Bridget Mendel is Indigo. Cassandra Troyan is Violet.

Do the look-see! And we promise that NOÖ [15] is only kind of like Duke Nukem Forever (i.e. yes, it's coming, it's taken forever, it's 60 pages, it will herald a big announcement about big changes for NOÖ).



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