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News -- February 11 2016 --


Don't let Thursday leak through you with messy checkmarks and disgusting coffee additives. Embrace structure! Hug your bones! Luckily, we have a new NOÖ Weekly that helps you do exactly that.

Daniela Olszewska guest edited this new edition of NOÖ Weekly, and it's all about structure. Here's what Olzewska says:

"I have heard structure described as the skeleton of the poem. I wonder if it would better be described as the DNA of the poem. Bones break and then the body doesn't work. DNA mutates and sometimes that mutation makes the mutant work better, or at least in a different, not broken way."

Featuring Olivia Cronk, David Emanuel, Rachel Hyman, Jennifer Karmin, Muriel Leung, Sade Murphy, Jenn Marie Nunes, and Dakota Parobek! Collabs, self-portraits, holograms, frankness, residence, and zombies! Check it out!


And don't forget that we just put out NOÖ [16]! Print copies are here, so watch Facebook for photos!

New editors, big eyes. You could say very very late or you could say saved for year eleven's first dream of snow on the Joshua trees, bicycle thieves in the salt flats.

We forgot to have a ten year anniversary because eleven is so much more interesting.

Submissions are OPEN, so give us new names for clouds and clods.





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