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News -- March 3 2016 --


Faces in the trees, herons at the edge, low blood sugar in the car. Snapped necklaces and sick fog — the spook of the good and bad alike, the always already passing. Is there anything to do about it?

Well, there's a lot to do, obviously. One tiny thing is turning, also known as seeing, also known as reading, also known as some poems somewhere.

One where is the new NOÖ Weekly guest edited by Natalie Lyalin!

Here's what Lyalin has to say:

"To view suffering as temporary is a privilege. To call parenting an occasional act of suffering is a privilege as well. Health, safety, opportunity, love, food, and water are all a privilege—but they should not be


These poems are an offering. They loosely represent the moment of traveling toward a better world, a better life ahead. We have to think that way, because otherwise what else is there to think?"

Featuring Cynthia Arrieu-King, Christopher DeWeese, Seth Landman, Zach Savich, and Lesley Yalen. Poems for the last of the raining! Poems for when it keeps raining! Check 'em out!


Don't forget that NOÖ [16] print copies are popping up everywhere, so watch Facebook for photos!

New editors, big eyes. You could say very very late or you could say saved for year eleven's first dream of snow on the Joshua trees, bicycle thieves in the salt flats.

We forgot to have a ten year anniversary because eleven is so much more interesting.

Submissions are OPEN, so give us new names for clouds and clods.





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