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        News -- February 23rd 2015

It's that time of year alright: AWP TIME. We'll be plopping down with yes-folks Big Lucks, along with a good spread of our Magic Helicopter Press books.

We'll have NOÖ [16] bundled up and ready to soar home with you (for FREE, of course / as always), plus some back issues of NOÖ [15]. We'll be whetting your appetite for next month's NOÖ [16] release with new NOÖ Weeklys, one guest-edited by madeline ffitch and one featuring teamplayers from Tyler and Mike's November reading tour.

Also, mark your calendars for Saturday 4/11 at 8 pm: MHP, Big Lucks, and Black Cake Records are hosting a big shindig featuring a slew of NOÖ contributors and editors including Carrie Lorig, Nick Sturm, Mathias Svalina, Meagan Cass, Evelyn Hampton, and more. The future is in your heart.





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